Huidige ontwikkelingen in het Midden-Oosten postief voor Argentinië


Een interessante geopolitieke uiteenzetting rondom het conflict in Syrië. Er zijn veel belangen voor de NATO om een weg vrij te maken in het Middellandse zee gebied. Rusland heeft een marinebasis in Syrië en die ligt in de weg. En wat hebben de Argentijnen te maken met het conflict in Syr? De huidige ontwikkelingen in het Midden-Oosten zijn positief voor ArgentiniË. This because of the following reasons:

Since the Krimean war, First World war and 2nd World war and after the collapse of the Soviet Union the Atlantic Powers are expanding their influence over the world very fast. Note: Atlantic Powers = UK with its Dominion, (Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc etc..) + the USA + France. To Russia it was promised that the NATO will never expand to the east. Shortly after that the NATO was expanding to the east. (Poland, Baltic’s states etc etc…) This NATO expansion was finally holded when the Russians learnd Sakasvilli a lesson in Georgia over South Ossethie.

Further are all countries with regimes which are not cooperating with the Atlantic Powers on the NATO hitlist. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. (Syria in progress, Iran still to go) The undemocratic regimes there are changed for other undemocratic regimes. Regime change is the goal in all situations. A change to other regimes who are friendly for the interests of the Atlantic Powers, especially in the Geo-Strategic Ellipsoide.

Officially it is all for humanitarian reasons (Libya and Syria) or self defending purposes (Afghanistan and Iraq). Operations with a name as “Iraqi Freedom” to keep the public at home happy. During the regime change in Libya were the Americans discussing with the Saudi’s how to bring “democracy” in Libya. For anybody with a little knowledge about the level of democracy in Saudi Arabia it will say enough. But since the crisis of 2008 the Atlantic Powers are getting economically weaker, bit by bit, year by year. Instead are the BRIC’s gaining in power. Slowly their resistance against the expansion is growing. China on a very silent way but Russia more in public.

Syria is the place where the momentum in this movement is changing. It is most interesting to be witness of this historical big change in world history. Specially now when resources as cheap energy are getting scarce. Without cheap energy there will be no economic growth. Without the expected economic growth the astonishing growing debt of the Atlantic Powers will be unsustainable. They have to choose between default on the debt or printing money even faster. Quite sure it will be the last option. But “printing” money will only buy time. With a collapsing financial system the Atlantic powers will lose its grip of her “neo-colonies”. (like Saudi Arabia etc…). History is echoing itself, Also the state of Athens and the Roman Empire lost its power by money inflation and ever continuous wars. Too much greed.

Syria is the frontline of the invisible war between the ever expanding Atlantic Powers and strengthening BRIC’S powers. From the BRIC’S specially Russia and China. The big question is: will the momentum change? Or will the Mediterranean Sea be Mare Nostrum again? Lees verder op Goud-Portal.